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SERVICE: Branding
CLIENT: Adornment + Theory

Expanding the brand of the best kept jewelry box in Chicago.

Adornment + Theory is a jewelry boutique located in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. The store has become a hub for unique and artisanal jewelry pieces, as well as the custom jewelry of its founder Viviana Langhoff. Seeking to rejuvenate their brand and connect with a broader audience, Adornment + Theory embarked on a rebranding journey.

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Icon variant for Adornment + Theory
Icon variant for Adornment + Theory
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Viviana has a self-described maximalist aesthetic, and wanted to incorporate a diverse range of global styles to highlight the rich history of the craft. It was important to let these aesthetic elements shine without becoming overwhelming or excessively noisy.


The primary goal of the rebranding project was to infuse Adornment & Theory's brand identity with renewed vitality, celebrate its roots and love for Moroccan style, and appeal to a diverse and fashion-forward clientele while preserving its core values of craftsmanship and community.

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A brand audit was beneficial in revealing the existing narrative and initiating discussions about potential changes. We recognized that some current elements, due to their special significance to the brand, needed to be incorporated into the new identity.

Through brand exploration, we discovered that a mystical Moroccan and icon-driven aesthetic resonated more effectively with the brand. We came up with patterns that could be use for their packaging, website and more.

The rebrand defined Adornment + Theory's new aesthetic, showcasing the power of storytelling, culture, and identity in brand perception and customer connection. Embracing its heritage and reimagined brand identity, Adornment + Theory has embarked on a journey towards growth, authenticity, and empowerment, lighting the way to a bright future.

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